Longer wear life – lower cost per ton with JYS Casting’s gyratory crusher wear parts

Gyratory Crusher Wear Parts

The JYS Casting primary gyratory crusher wear parts have the most important role in rock size reduction in mine operations as the crushing process starts from a primary crusher. The highest possible wear life is combined with mechanical reliability through the component life cycle. As the production stops are very expensive for mine operations, the JYS Casting manganese gyratory crusher wears are easy and quick to install.

Manganese steel mantle wear parts are provided with different shapes, surface profiles, and steel grades. Alloy steel, white iron, and manganese steel concave wear parts are designed for hardest rock in surface and underground operations.

JYS Casting has applied the same engineering problem-solving to gyratory crushers which have proven so effective on cone crushers. We went into the field and studied the many areas for potential improvement: poor nip of feed material, excessive wear in the lower crushing chamber, poor throughput from partially worn parts, excessive wear metal discard costs and problems with uneven or localized wear. We’re the leader in gyratory crusher liner innovations, and it’s a rare crusher which cannot show significant gains in production and wear life from a Columbia analysis and improved wear parts.

Gyratory spares – the genuine alternative

The JYS Casting product range of precision machined replacement parts to suit gyratory crushers includes complete mainshaft assemblies, mainshafts, cores, spider assemblies, spider bushings, spider seals, topshell assemblies, bottom shell assemblies, eccentric bushings, shell bushings, mainshaft nuts, spider rim liners, spider shields, dust seal rings, retainers, step washers, piston wear plates, pinion shafts, shell bolts and many more.
Furthermore, our premium range of primary gyratory crusher manganese steel and alloy castings are proven in mining and aggregate production applications worldwide.

JYS Casting Concave Segments

Double high segments allow two rows of JYS Casting concaves to replace four rows of standard OEM designs. The difference means fewer pieces to handle for a fast replacement. JYS Casting concaves are larger than the competition, for fewer pieces to handle – resulting in less time to remove old segments and install new ones. Larger castings generally have a lower cost per pound, resulting in a lower price per pound in production. Eight JYS Casting concaves replace 12 per-row segments of standard OEM concaves, reducing the total from 48 to 16 and reducing seams that can wear and increase maintenance costs.

Pin or Key Concaves

Tapered dowel pins are driven between concaves forcing them outward to make contact with the top shell and create even spacing. The key concave has parallel sides and is easily removed with a wedge. Once the key concave is out, the remainder is easily removed.